Marketing, as every evolving trade, is subject to constant changes that flow with the demands of the public. The era of information has turned audiences into a voracious entity that is impatient, easily bored, and with a short attention span. This naturally puts a lot of pressure on those of us who handle content, because we need to keep up with the latest trends and not only that but we need to keep them attractive in order to catch the eye of our target audience.

Heidi Cohen suggests that this 2017 is going to be about mixing quality with quantity. In other words, we’re aiming to have an attractive and interesting content that is constant. Here’s a list of tactics you may want to consider, in order to keep up with this ever-changing world.

  1. Understand your audience: Since there’s far too much information out there you need to concentrate on what is truly important for your audience, as they usually concentrate on a very narrow niche and it is our job to understand that niche from the tip to the very toe. Inform yourself about every aspect of said niche; rely on the information given to you by the customers and also those who work in similar products, such as your employees or those who are keen on the product you’re trying to sell, like fans and promoters.
  2. It’s a curator’s job: Once you have understood the niche your audience is interested in, try to keep the content around it as interesting and as up to date as possible. Make sure that is always appealing to the information that your audience is looking for and also, try to contribute with content that deepens the understanding of your audience’s niche of interest. Moreover, try to set a content mission, i.e. louring your audience towards a particular aspect of your product, and make sure that everything you post is relevant to that mission.
  3. Expand your network at all times: a good marketing agency will spend as much time creating content as they will put it out there because the name of the game is distribute like mad! Create gripping headlines for your readers, allow your content to be easily shared in Social media platforms, focus on specific keywords and information groups and build up your relationship with your influencers. These measures will guarantee that your content is properly distributed.