Year after year, content strategies have proven that they are the ultimate marketing tools available, as they make a killing in sales time after time. The game, however, will be making a slight twist in 2017 and there is so much to learn from the new strategies that are about to be implemented in the near future.


  1. You still got mail: Targeted emailing is still pretty much on the scene right now. It makes sense to continue messaging your clients and leads regularly as it creates rapport around your brand and there’s no middleman charging a fee for fans to gain access to your content. Email marketing strategies of the near future will include entertaining GIF’s and video campaigns to make special offers or promote events while engaging consumers.
  2. User-friendly popups: many are now resorting to native advertising that provides useful information within site. This is because users have grown adamant to popups, thus enabling ad blockers on their browsers. Just make sure that the content you provide on your native popups is appropriate, you don’t want to infringe any consumer protection laws.
  3. The classic power of fiction: marketing agencies are now realizing that fictions that play out with emotions and storylines that are enticing to the audience while promoting a product are gaining more attention.
  4. Live video is in: you may have noticed that Facebook released a live video feature to their platform. This is taking the world by storm, as it provides a feeling of authenticity that scripted videos simply don’t have, plus you have the enormous advantage of being able to interact directly with the customers, getting comments, likes and shares live. This can be huge for sales and flash promotions.


These are just a few of the new strategies that are already being implemented and will take storm in the New Year. If you don’t want to be left behind in 2016 then contact the marketing experts at PRM Ad Group Inc. for all the latest digital trends in marketing. We provide services in graphic design, SEO, SMO, web design, app design and integration, and much, much more. Call us at (570) 457 7020.