Yesterday we started with why you need SEO for your site or blog. We also discussed 4 ways on how to optimize your site so it can rank high in Google and other search engines. Now let’s discuss more strategies.

1. Header Tags

In this tag, all you need to do is input your main keywords into the header tags. This helps the search BOTs to locate your posts easily and also allows people to quickly find your posts. So what you do is use the first header tag as your main heading and use can use the second herder tag as your subheading. When you use the 2 header tags, it allows you to even add even more keywords that will help you rank high.

2. Use Special Editing for Your Words

What do I mean by this? I mean changing the way your words appear using bold letters, letters in italics, and/or words that are underlined. These edited words do 2 things for you: they grab the attention of your site visitors to focus on very important information you want them to be aware of (preferably an action you want them to take that will add value to their lives and at the same time make you money).

3. Outbound Links

It is important that you put links on your site that lead to other quality, informative and authoritative sites that will add value to the lives of your site visitors. Now you may be thinking, ‘Why would I want to link to other sites? I want to have all the traffic!’

That is a wrong mindset. You have to have the mindset of giving even if you think the person you are giving to does not have anything to give back. I promise you it will surely come back to you in multiple folds. It is the law of sowing and reaping.

Now let’s leave success psychology aside.

Linking to other sites, especially authoritative and popular sites, help you to rank high in the search engines. It also builds your reputation as an authority figure. It’s like how the moon positions itself to receive light from the sun so as to give light to the earth. The moon does not have light of its own but because of its strategic position, it has light to give out. That is what outbound links do to your site.

4. Long Enough Posts

I can’t say this enough: search engine optimization has a lot to do with you posting quality content on your site! If you want your posts to be search-engine friendly, then you have no choice but to post quality content. This is very important! I get to some blogs and I see annoyingly short posts that have little or no quality information. If that is what you are doing, stop it right now!

Your post should be at least 350 words long. Don’t rush and put useless articles together. If you are a newbie it may take you a long time to write an article, but if you set a goal to shorten your writing time you will develop the skill to write a post in just 30 minutes per day. And then just infuse your main keywords in the body of the article.

5. Optimize Your Pictures

Yes you got to do that too. Don’t just optimize the words alone. By optimizing the image on your site, you make your posts (and of course your site) easily searchable by people searching for content related to your post and search engine bots. It is also important that you use images that are relevant to your content.

In addition you can rename the image name to a name that is related to your content to make it more searchable online. That is what search engine optimization is all about.

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