Social media is considered to be the number one daily activity among Americans and 76% Facebook users’ worldwide visit the site daily. An average time spent on emailing and Google is more than anything else. A research concluded that 93% of marketers use social media platforms to promote their business. Social media is getting bigger and bigger day by day. If you are not using social media for your brand, then you are simply ignoring a huge amount of customers. Here are few social media strategies to boost your online presence.

Create a Game Plan & stick to it

Having no execution strategy means your content is a total waste. Set limits to a number of tweets you want to publish per day. This number may vary as per requirement but you must at least publish four tweets in a day for just setting a benchmark. Before setting a fixed number, first study your competitors, study SMO Company, how much they are posting in a day because it is important to be active but not overly active. Compile your content so that it is easy to read and handy whenever needed. Prepare the content for a week in advance but also be ready to make changes accordingly.

Treat each social media platform as an individual entity

Each platform must be treated as a different or separate entity. There are contents which you can share on every platform and there are other contents like some joke which are not suitable for LinkedIn. You need to make a strategy to make content suitable for each platform. You can share corporate related stuff on LinkedIn but as Instagram is a more visually driven platform, you must share more pictures on it to engage more audience at your account. Whereas you can mostly share anything on Twitter & Facebook, these are platforms where you can share your views on a particular topic or can ask others to share their views as well. Paying attention to demographic of your followers on each platform help you to prepare content that can be appealing to them.

Go above & beyond in customer service

Whenever a visitor doesn’t get a response when he posts on your Facebook page or tweets at your handle, trust is lost. Due to this lack of communication, he will turn to your competitor (SMO Media Agency) to get the all the answers to his questions. But if you response on time, he will be highly impressed and will be flattered by your company. Higher the chances that he will become one of your loyal clients. Responding on time and solving problem are two of the key points to win your customer’s heart and making loyal to your brand for forever. It’s humanizing to take the time to respond to a personal query which also builds your authority. Sometimes people give negative remarks on your accounts, at that point without panicking, look what you can do change that negative remark into a positive one. Increase the level of your services; ask each customer what are the things or areas in which they think you are lacking in. Improve those things so that when the next time customer returns to you, he can feel the change and can appreciate you for not ignoring his feedback.

Embrace Mishaps

In this fast-paced world of social media, mistakes are unavoidable. Embrace these hiccups rather than just ignoring them. The small mistake like missing of a comma is not that big thing to make an announcement for, people must have already noticed it and decided to ignore it but if you keep on publishing it, it will only create a mess. But sometimes the problem is bigger than that, like delivery of wrong product, in that case proactively respond in an active and an apologetic manner and tell your customer what is going to be your next step so that your customer can know that you are actively working to make things right. No matter how big mistake you have made don’t feel sad, instead embrace them, apologize for them and make things correct.

Track & Talk

Tracking is often considered to be time-consuming and tedious. But it only takes few hours monthly to track down the things, to track whether your strategy is creating right results or not. What are the things you can change to increase your output more? Always keep a track of your number of followers, your post reach, post sharing, likes on a particular post, in which time frame audience response more. Keep a list of hashtags suitable for your company and others which may not be suitable for your brand but has a large number of reach. Study what your competitors are doing, follow them and be ahead of them.

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