Once upon a time, it seemed that only the huge businesses like Amazon or Walmart needed a dedicated mobile app, whilst everyone else could get by with more traditional methods. However, it is clear that this is no longer the case, as businesses of every size are building their own mobile apps – and they are getting results.

There are some very obvious benefits that any business, no matter how big or small, is bound to see if they jump on the mobile bandwagon and build a dedicated mobile app, including:

Increased visibility

There can be no denying that smartphones are here, and they aren’t going anywhere. With studies showing that over three quarters of all American’s now own a smartphone, and spend as much as two hours on it each day. That’s a lot of potential customers your app could reach.  A mobile app can act like a billboard for your business, with users potentially seeing your logo every time they unlock their phone.

Strengthen your brand

A mobile app can help to increase brand awareness in your customers. By building a mobile app that works well and encourages interactivity from your customers, you can see your brand recognition rise exponentially. If your customer is able to share content – including branding – from your app with other people this can increase the strength of your brand even further.

Offer customers value

Many businesses use their apps to offer customers a loyalty program, so, if you are already running one such scheme, it will be a simple process to digitize it and offer it as part of an app. If your customers are using your app to collect on their reward program, then this can help boost download numbers for your app. Not to mention it ensures customers will return to your app time and time again to collect their rewards.

Encourage customer engagement

Many businesses are using their mobile apps as a way to increase direct engagement with customers. By offering an instant messaging service or help centre within your app you can offer a high level of customer service and, by having these features contained within the app, you are ensuring that all of your customers are receiving the same instantaneous experience, rather than having to wait 20 minutes on hold to try and reach a human being.

Stay competitive

It is unavoidable that more and more businesses are creating mobile apps and before too long every business will have one. In the fast paced age of the internet and social media it can be so easy to get left behind if you aren’t always striving to stay competitive and at the top of the market.

In the future, more and more of your businesses important tasks will be performed through an app on a smartphone or similar device; just look at the likes of Apple and Android Pay. By setting up an app for your business now, you’re ensuring that your business is prepared for any of these advancements as they happen.