You may have heard it before, but here we go once again; an effective social media marketing strategy is part of a bigger content marketing plan. And unless they are integrated, you can hardly make a dent in this big wide world of web. Paid promotion can always help you to get you the right attention. But if you want your traffic to increase, then you need to follow a few simple rules while executing the plan. Let us try to find out about some important aspects (some does and don’ts) of social media marketing which can be helpful for business.

Always concentrate on current issues

Human beings have fleeting memories. And with their access to immense information, it becomes difficult to concentrate on any single topic for long. Plus their interest also lies on things that are current and relevant. A general blog post will not fetch you enough attention. But if the posts are related to current trends and talk about what is going on right now, your followers will take note. They will also make it a point to share the post among friends or in their close circle, increasing its visibility. With any content, to become popular it should be accessible and visible to a large group of people. So, if you want your blog posts to be popular, you should select a topic that is current.

Knowing the difference between content marketing and social media marketing

While for the successful implementation of any social media marketing strategy it is absolutely imperative that both social media and content marketing go hand in hand; it is also important to know the difference between the two. Keeping in mind the overlaps, one should also remember that the core of these two strategies is slightly different. With social media the focus is more on brand awareness. The discussion mostly revolves around the brand. It is also applied for customer retention or satisfaction.

The platform of social media is vast and can be used effectively as an open forum for to have dialogues with customers. This is more of an interactive domain, where customers and business owners can engage in a dialogue or discussion. In case of content marketing, the results are aligned with demand generation. With quality content comes prospective customers and as you forge a relationship with potential targets, you open a channel for lead conversion. But the underlying thought behind both the concepts are the same: customers are always the priority.

Posting the content in multiple time zones

Social media helps to build an online community of your prospective customers. The more it expands, the better are your opportunities in business. And to do it, you need to be accessible to one and all. Posting your content in several time zones can actually help you to get more traffic. Tweeting the link several times will increase the number of page views. It has been known that different people have different social media habits, and reposting any Tweet or any blog post with minor tweaks in various time zones only increase your visibility.

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