Despite what you may think about email being spam and a nuisance most of the time, it can in fact help your business. Taking the right steps can help keep your email from landing in the spam folder and becoming the best email marketing campaign.


Utilizing Email Marketing for your Scranton Business


Taking the right steps towards kick starting your email marketing campaign could mean the difference between a flop and added sales. It isn’t hard to do set your email up properly or avoid the spam folder. Choosing a company proficient in email marketing services with proven results is the first thing to consider. Think about what you want to get out of your email marketing campaign. Establish goals you want to achieve with your campaign before you decide what will actually go into the email. Marketing companies use only the top email marketing software to work with. Picking a company with proven results will be the biggest step you need to take. Should you decide to try it on your own, here’s a few pointers to keep in mind.


You need to build a trust relationship with your customers. Most of the time they won’t just hand their email out. Become a fixture in their day-to-day life and they’ll give you their email. You can get subscribers either by having them fill out an email slip or putting a survey on your website. With the survey, you can tell them to give their email and you will send more information to them on the topic or incentives. Create an automated welcome letter for your subscribers. To make it better, customize it to them with their name in it.


When creating an email be sure to properly and affectively use the subject line. A poor subject line can encourage those to delete your message without even opening it. Consider emailing about topics people may wonder about, even the ones that may seem stupid. Sometimes, people may wonder about something but never step forward to ask or inquire about it. Having the email set up can fix that. Be sure to use the holidays to your advantage. It can encourage more people to shop specifically around that time.


Speak with your top, local marketing company and they can help you set up a top email marketing campaign as soon as you need it.