It seems like every week there are new features and formats appearing in our AdWords accounts.

The innovation and ease of use is astounding – IF – you have the time to keep up and keep tweaking your campaigns. In nearly a year and a half we’ve seen approximately 39 new features posts at the Google AdWords blog – that’s a crazy amount of changes to keep up with!

New features aside, just making sure the basics are set up right can sometimes be challenging. Ad extensions were just ONE of the 39 new features mentioned above.

Here are just a few of the bigger developments that came with AdWords recently – are you taking advantage?

Probably the most significant and game changing update came in 2011 and has steadily become more and more effective for all advertisers. Remarketing is becoming the new darling of the SEM world. I advise EVERYONE to give it a try. You can learn more about Remarketing for Everyone with Google AdWords.

Manage your AdWords campaign from your mobile phone – live and direct to you anywhere in the world with a cell signal since April 2011.

June, 2011 also brought us the ability to add Ad Sitelinks into all campaigns and adgroups. This gives the user 4-5 links to click inside every ad.

Are you using the Opportunity tab to improve your campaigns? In June, 2011 AdWords gave us the ability to analyze your PPC competition in the Opportunities tab. Learn what they’re doing, so you can do more, faster, and more effectively.

The Bid Simulator tool has had a lot of work done in the last 8 months or so. A great tool has been the update that gave us the ability to view bid simulations across keywords in an ad group at once. This rolled out October 20, 2010.

Are you using Call Metrics to measure how often people see and call from your PPC advertising? This rolled out 11/2/2010 and is not currently available to all advertisers. I suspect if you enable phone extensions, you’ll get the call metrics option fairly soon thereafter.
Display or Remarketing campaign ads became easier AND more complex when the ad builder was updated and enhanced.

Are you showing the ad with the highest conversion rate to your customers? This update happened 2/23/2011 and now allows you to show ads based on the conversion rate of the ad. Note: this is based on RATE – not number of conversions – so pay attention before turning this on
If you’re not taking full advantage of all of the features, targeting, segmentation and measurement available in your AdWords campaign, you could be wasting time and money on ineffective pay-per-click placements.

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