Some of you out there may think that SEO or search engine optimization is dead and worthless and not needed anymore. However, you would be wrong because there have been several updates to SEO and it is still a very valuable tool for Internet marketers to have to get more traffic and make more profits for their website stores.

The thing is that besides concentrating on the things you should do in using good SEO, you also have to concentrate on what you shouldn’t do when attempting to get your website up to speed regarding the algorithms of the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Here are some things that you need to watch out for:

Don’t Pay for Links

Website owners know that using good SEO means having a variety of good links that help people to find your website. However, if you are still using the old ways of buying links or getting them by trading with every site out there whether or not it relates to your niche and not getting them in a natural way, then you are likely to be finding yourself banned by Google as spam.

Inbound links need to be from other websites that have content on them that is related in some way to your site’s content because that gives you more points with the search engines than something that has no connection. Plus, if you can legitimately link to the authority sites like .edu or .gov sites, that will give you even more power.

Be sure not to link to sites like porn or those that Google has deindexed, as that makes Google consider banning you and that is not what you want at all.

Using Too Many Keywords

In the past, many website owners just threw in lots of keywords all over their content to try to get the search engines to rank them higher up in the searches. Google and the other search engines caught on to this practice and that’s why they put in changes to their algorithms and a lot of websites got downgraded.

Keywords are still important, but you can’t just use lots of them and not have them have a logical or useful meaning in your content. Your content needs to be fact filled and give the customer some useful information about your products or services. It needs to tell the story of your brand but not give away all of the information you are trying to sell.

The keywords you use need to be related to that information and not just stuck in there for no reason except to get indexed by Google. In fact, SEO experts like Moz say only use a key word two or three time on a short article and five or six times on a larger one for best results.

Content Changes

Plus, recent information says that articles are better if you can make them at least 800 words long because this gives just enough to give useful information, yet isn’t too long so it bores the reader and they stop reading it. The only time you write content shorter is of course when interacting on social media sites or blogs, as those are an entirely different type of writings.

Content also needs to be a mix of text, pictures, graphics and video. Video especially is vital nowadays in our fast paced world. In fact, YouTube is also a search engine and is moving up fast at becoming the top rated search engine not counting Google. Be sure that all of this content is of the best quality, no grammar mistakes, no blurry photos, no huge photo files that take minutes to load, etc. Look for high quality writing that reads well and gives the customer what they need.

Don’t Forget About Ranking on Other Search Engines

Everyone thinks about Google and worries about Google’s algorithm when doing SEO and getting their website in shape to get more traffic and customers. However, there are other search engines out there that make a difference that people are using to find solutions to their issues like Bing or Yahoo, for instance.

Instead, you should concentrate on making your content, keywords, etc. the best that they can be and then all of the search engines will index your stuff and you could end up on top in every one of them! So the bottom line is to write your content for your readers, not for the search engines and you will do better at getting traffic and making more profits.

All in all, if you follow good SEO tactics, this service is still quite valuable and will indeed help your website to improve and get more traffic. More traffic leads to more potential customers and that means more profits. So follow the above SEO tactics and stand by for better results for your website stores.