Holiday Season Marketing Strategy

While some people are hanging up their holiday stockings and decorating Evergreen trees, marketers will be gearing up for the holiday season. Research has shown that the best times to capitalize on advertising and product boosting is during the months of November and December.  But it isn’t just enough to boost up your advertising during the holiday season.  Marketers will have to create a strategy that will take advantage of peak shopping times, all while grabbing attention for their product or service.

Set Your Marketing Schedule this Holiday

As a marketer, one has to stay away from the all-too-common mistake of planning a 1 to 2 day campaign for their product.  What this means, is that business owners and marketers often choose to advertise their big sales approximately 2 days before the actual holiday event.  This is a big no-no. Keep in mind that if you want to have a successful marketing strategy, you will have to put yourself ahead of the game, and create excitement ahead of time.  The frequency of your campaign should increase approximately three weeks prior to a holiday, or holiday season sales event.  If following this model, you will notice that it is designed to build up excitement for your brand and firmly place this in the minds of your target audience.

Once you’ve begun your campaign and increased the frequency of advertising weeks before the event, be sure to follow up once the event has passed.  Think your job is over when you convert buyers?  Nope, think again.  Post-holiday sales emails and offers will keep your leads fixated on your brand.  Continue to keep them informed on future events and product changes.

Make Use of All Things Digital This Holiday Season

Digital marketing has become the core of all marketing strategies. It is not hard to see that marketers are now turning to other, less expensive means of reaching out to their prospects.  Smartphones, email and internet have a huge role to play in how marketers communicate and persuade consumers.  If you haven’t, you’ll want to do so this holiday season.  Capitalize on this shift towards the digital era, particularly by acknowledging the all things mobile, just like your consumers do.  Marketing strategies that include usable data from mobile sites and apps will have a better opportunity of delivering more effective ad and sales campaigns

Never Forget the Power of Word of Mouth

The power of word of mouth will always stick around. This is especially true due to the use of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.  Before, consumers would simply talk to their friends and family about the products they liked, now, consumers are able to share their thoughts with whole communities.  Brands and products now have the potential to become #trendingtopics.  Social media is a powerful outlet and the capture of trending topics and will be important.  This can help businesses and marketers see what matters the most when their audiences go shopping online this year.

Create your marketing strategy around the hustle and bustle of holiday time cheer.  Set smart goals, choosing schedules that will create buzz surrounding your brand.  Also, don’t be too afraid to embrace social media and internet.  This holiday season, choose to let your brand stand out.  Don’t allow for it to get lost in the holiday season hustle.