In one word: VERY! Imagine you enter a store and immediately see that the logo on the wall looks like a child designed it. You turn and see that there are sheets of paper stuck on the walls with hand written notes on them. The walls are painted in bright contrasting colors, which almost hurt your eyes. The display units are huge, but the products are tiny. You look for a shop assistant but can’t find any. After a few minutes you give up and leave.

No business owner would ever want to have a shop like that one, and no client would bother wasting time in that store. However, when it comes to the online store/website it is often forgotten that we are dealing with the same person and need to worry about the same issues.

Graphic designing is something that can change the entire look of a website or advertisement. While a good graphic design may leave you wondering about the advertisement for hours, a bad graphic design could make you think negatively about the company.

The graphic designing industry is not an easy one; a single disaster can waste your dollars in just a second. There are many details that may not be apparent to someone outside of the industry, such as choosing colors, fonts and images. That all may seem easy, however, making a cohesive brand with a consistent look, feel, and flow in all mediums can be more difficult than you think.

With that said, a website can also not be created overnight. If you ask your graphic designer to design the graphics of your website overnight and take as much fee as he wants, he would be in a great dilemma. A website that is planned carefully and has followed all the steps of graphic designing would never fail anywhere, but the same cannot be confirmed about a website designed in a hurry.

Let’s always remember that your website says a lot for your business. You want to make sure that your site is saying all the right things, or allow us to worry about all that. PRM Ad Group Inc. offers a complete range of graphic design services, from direct mail to print media such as brochures, posters and signage, to logo design and web site design, as well as everything in between. Contact us to get started today!