Facebook is not like it used to be. As we all know Facebook is cracking down on people marketing anything whether it is links, products, services, training, etc. We all remember the good ole days when you could create a group and do 40 friend requests a day, no problem, do not we? As internet marketers the foundation of our Facebook trainings about two years ago depended on being able to friend request under the radar which back then was 25-40 friend request per day and also being able to paste a link into about 40 MLM groups per day.

I mean even today the concept of a Facebook group has changed you used to be able to create group and who was in that group you could message when ever you wanted about anything now they did not give us an alternative with fan pages but it's still not the same. Now people left and right are getting disabled or banned because they do not know how to work under the NEW radar of Facebook. Facebook is still the best social media site out there to create relationships with people and build trust between you and your prospect or potential business partners.

But how do you go into stealth mode on Facebook NOW, without being shut down.

Attention you can still friend request multiple people you just have to know what your doing!

Stealth Facebook Marketing Strategies

Stealth Tip # 1 Friend Requesting

Bad News: You can only friend request 3-4 people at a time

Good News: You can do it 3-4 different times per day which still leaves you with (12-16 new friends per day)

Stealth Tip # 2 New Facebook Friend Welcome Video

Create an attractive welcome video that has a call to action at the end for your new friend to enroll into a training you have done or a blog you have created it has to be free. The key to attracting people to you is giving them valuable content that can help their current situation. When getting new friends tag them in the video when you do this it will show on their wall and all of their friends will have access to see it as well providing you with more people wanting to be your friend by default.

Stealth Tip # 3 Facebook Notes

Use Facebook notes as a way to post your links on Facebook with virtually no limit on how many posts you can do. Any blog post or article you have written copy and reword and put it into a Facebook note. After the note is done you can use the URL link for the note and post it into groups. Facebook does not mind this type of link because it is a Facebook link, but make sure you have a call to action at the bottom of the note to your blog, marketing funnel, or personal website. To my knowledge there is no limit to how many times you can post a Facebook link on Facebook I personally have done it in 40 groups in a day with no warnings. (I will have another article on how to use Facebook notes in detail).

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