Print ads are dying a slow death. It is argued that the average transition in print ads has been declining to less than a 10% conversion rate. This means that less than 10% of the public that reads print ads will become customers in the best case. Just think about the last magazine or newspaper you read. Can you offhand recall any of the ads? On average, a magazine contains at least one print ad on every other page. This roughly equals around 22 print ads per magazine. Can you recall more than 1 ad?

Email Marketing is also on a decline. Google, along with other top search engines, are consistently and regularly introducing new spam sorting algorithms. So how does this affect your business? The algorithm decreases the amount of email campaigns read or seen by online shoppers or frequent customers and this is a highly unfortunate phenomena. It means that you paid a marketing firm to create an email campaign that will fail every time, even before it is either read or seen by your audience.

Social Media Marketing has also lost some of the initial glamor. The majority of users on Facebook and Twitter seems to have one thing in common. They agree that the only time they pay attention to social media marketing is if the image is either a coupon or an interesting picture that forces them to read the text accompanying that image.

People have already trained themselves to quickly scroll through status updates and tweets, only stopping at the ones that catch the eye or tickle our interest instantaneously. Twitter users seem to follow less while Facebook users have less friends as well. The average user may in fact only read 1 if any status updates or news feed from "liked" company pages a day.

Ask yourself how much are you currently paying for Social Media Marketing? How many new followers have you earned monthly in the last year? What is the current population size of the county in which your business is located? What portion of that 1% is currently following you on Social Media?

So how do you successfully market your company or product?

Marketing With Videos is unduly the answer.

Recent research indicates that the average internet user spends more than 20 minutes a day watching videos. On average, 80% of Facebook users will click the play button on any video that finds its way into their feed. Twitter users are 5 times more likely to read a tweet if a video is in the tweet.

Commercials are also a very viable option as advertising cost on local networks and channels, becoming more affordable. In the USA as an example, the country is divided into various Designated Market Areas or DMA's, with every zip code belonging to one. The DMA is identified by the largest city, and these markets are an effective way for advertisers to reach a region of the population that receives similar media offerings.

Irrespective whatever, you make use of the above medium, or just use video marketing on your website, it is appropriate that this method of advertising can certainly not be ignored or sidelined anymore.

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