For an online business, determining which social networking site best suits the company’s marketing needs will require assessment and evaluation of the company’s expected outputs and marketing expectations. It is often recommended to create accounts in every social networking site, but the task might be too tedious for those who are just running a small and home-based business.

For businesses who want to establish social branding and obtain contacts in a shorter time, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are good options. A Facebook fan page is the company’s primary online marketing advertisement. Reaching over thousands to millions of likes can create a good social media presence for the company. Status updates, links, personal messages and events are just some of the ways of interacting with customers in Facebook. If the company wants a strict business account, LinkedIn can create a more professional atmosphere and provide the company with a number of business resources. If the company wants to send an important message to a wider audience, Twitter is the best option. Tweets are short but informative messages that can be re-tweeted to reach more people. Promote products and new events or boost blogs and social networking bookmarks by tweeting to the company’s social network. With Facebook and Tweeter, the reach of an online business can be limitless and is not restricted to the contact’s family members, friends, relatives and associates.

For businesses who want a more interactive and easy-to-follow content, videos are the best solutions. YouTube continues to be the most viewed social networking sites hosting over millions of professional and homemade videos. Make use of creative videos and lively presentations to connect personally with potential customers. The impact of seeing who’s behind the business can leave positive impressions to customers and what they say is of great value. Content and the method of presenting and promoting products must be thoroughly planned to attract more customers to share the company’s videos.

Blogs are the best options for company’s looking for avenues to deliver in-depth content and informative articles about products or services. Writing facts and benefits about the company’s products or services is important. Customers are always after what the product or service is all about after receiving positive feedbacks from friends or other customers. Researching is very important for clients and providing them with good information through blogs can greatly boost the product or service promotions.

Using social media marketing in home-based business is the cheapest marketing method yet one of the most influential techniques of getting a product or a service promoted extensively. But the efficiency and effectiveness of social media marketing requires a great deal of creative thinking and proper content dissemination. The power of personal and social branding through social networking sites continues to help online business succeed in their Internet marketing strategies.

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