Is “traffic” the answer to your business woes? Chances are you’ve already got all the traffic you need, but aren’t making sales for one simple reason: you’re not connecting with your customers. Marketing wisdom suggests that customers need to see your name at least seven times before they buy from you.

A newsletter or an ezine may be the solution. Let’s look at how ezines help drive business.

1. Stay in Touch With Customers

Whether you’re selling to a business-to-business audience, or are selling to consumers, it’s essential that you stay in touch with your customers. It’s much easier to sell to somebody who’s previously purchased from you than it is to develop a new customer.

Unfortunately most businesses fall down when it comes to managing their relationship with their customers. There’s always something going on in every business and you’re always busy. However creating an ezine is the easiest way to stay in touch with your customers regularly, and to encourage repeat purchases from them.

You can make your ezine a welcome addition to your customers’ inboxes, and it doesn’t take much effort. Yes, your customers do want to hear your offers. They also want some useful information about the products you’re selling and perhaps about your industry in general.

2. Attract New Customers

The web is huge, with billions of webpages; more are added every day. How can you compete? An ezine gives you a way to get a competitive edge. A prospect may sign up to your ezine out of curiosity, but if he has a real need for your services he will turn into a customer.

Then, when your customer is ready to buy, you’ll be top of mind, because you stay in touch with your ezine irregularly.

3. Build Online Visibility

The more you’re visible online, the more traffic you get and the more customers you will attract. In addition to sending out you ezine to your subscriber list, consider posting the ezine online. An ezine provides web content, which is indexed, and which brings you additional traffic every day.

4. Build Credibility With Your Audience

Who can you trust online? Everyone is suspicious online.

Therefore it takes more time to develop a customer online is that it does off-line. Consider that once they’re in your physical store, they either appreciate your goods and services and buy from you or they don’t. Online, you’ll have just a few seconds to pique their interest: use those seconds to encourage subscription to your ezine.

It will build your credibility as nothing else can.

An ezine is a wonderful way to connect with your customers. Take advantage of the opportunity today.

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