One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is marketing. With the rapid growth of mobile devices and digital marketing, now is the best time to get into a new, innovative, cost-effective way of marketing. LoyalBlocks is a loyalty app that offers paper-free rewards and discounts to your customers at the click of a button. When a customer with the app walks into your business, their phone interacts with a small LoyalBlocks device in your store and their visit is credited. Their status increases as their visits increase, allowing you to reward your most loyal customers.

Loyalblocks Mobile App

To get started, all you have to do it come up with special offers for your loyal customers.

Welcome Reward –This one-time-only reward for the first time a customer visits your business.
Status Cards – Create different tiers with accompanying rewards based on customers’ number of visits.
Punch Cards – This mobile punch card works just like a regular punch card – only it’s on your customers’ phones. They’ll never forget it and it’s easy to manage. Just choose the reward and the number of punches it takes to redeem that reward. You will receive a QR code that the customer can scan once he or she has made a purchase.
Facebook Check-In – This is designed to increase your exposure on Facebook. This is a one-time-only reward that you can offer your customers for sharing their visit on Facebook via the app.
Facebook Referral Rewards – Reward customers for inviting their Facebook friends to join your loyalty club and when their friends actually visit. This reward is structured like a pyramid where you can motivate customers to spread the word about your loyalty club and bring you new customers.
Lucky Reward – Make a customer happy with this lottery-style surprise.
Happy Hour Reward – Use this reward to increase foot traffic during slow hours. Once the time and reward is selected, it will run automatically during those selected hours.

You can choose any offers you’d like and as use as many or as little of these rewards. Many businesses and customers loved this app the moment they started using it and said it is one of their most used mobile apps. LoyalBlocks allows you to increase brand loyalty and encourage more people to visit your business.