Twitter is an interesting social media source. The purpose is to share quick thoughts (tweets) . The use of hash tags connects these thoughts together. It is a site where a student can tweet directly to the president of the United States of America and get a reply back almost immediately. Its value in marketing has grown exponentially over the years to the point where it is almost impossible to ignore. Big brands and small businesses alike now have the opportunity to connect with their clients in a causal and social manner. This allows businesses to communicate and share thoughts with both current and potential clientele.
Twitter has limited posts to 140 characters. This keeps tweets short and sweet. Followers can favorite, re-tweet, and respond to your tweets. This is an opportunity like no other to interact with your industry and customers. Twitter allows you to…
No matter how extensive your marketing efforts are, your brand may still seem mysterious to some people. Potential customers who are a little iffy about your business can have their questions answered immediately. People can follow your company to see what your values are, what your brand is about, and to see how trustworthy you are.
  • Keep up with industry trends
It is wise to follow leaders and competitors in your industry. This way, you can interact with your business peers, keep an eye on what they’re doing, and collaborate thoughts and ideas. Twitter works like any other networking opportunity. Connect with one person, and you have access to their connections. Soon your connections grow and spread like the branches of a tree. Associating yourself with other like-minded companies exposes your business to their customers.
With any online marketing effort, it is imperative that you guide traffic back to your business’s website. Traffic and interaction on your website boosts SEO and makes your business more visible to searching customers. The more active you are, and the more popular you are, the higher up your business will rank in a search engine. Whether you are sharing videos, pictures, or quick thoughts, always have a link to your website ready for curious internet-surfers.
  • Enhance your customer service
Possible one of the best uses of any social media site, but especially Twitter is the access to customers’ questions and concerns. If a Customer had a bad experience with your business and tweets about it, you are able to directly respond and fix the issue. The opportunities for excellent customer service are endless with Twitter. Your brand can show a friendly and personable face to the customer that they might not have otherwise seen.