Mike Filsaime is a seasoned internet marketer who got started in internet marketing early on in the game.

His release of Butterfly Marketing earlier this year was a huge success. The Butterfly Marketing manuscript is a detailed information product that shows how to create a successful product launch.

With people like Michael Cheney giving credit to Mike’s product for his own hugely successful launch of AdSense Videos earlier this year ($250,000 in 7 days), you can understand why Mike’s manuscript sold so well.

His latest, free, product, the Death of Internet Marketing, follows closely on the heels of Scott Boulch’s stunning viral success, “The Death of Adsense” which certainly got people to sit up and pay attention.

The viral success of this “bad news” product may well have been what inspired Mike to launch this latest report.

When someone as well known as Mike writers a report titled “The Death of Internet Marketing”, you can be pretty sure it’s not going to sit on a shelf and collect dust! Mike talks about being overdosed with product launches – if you’re signed up to any lists of well known marketers you’ll already know what he means. I think my own inbox had at least twenty offers to download Mike’s report from various well-known names!

So is Internet Marketing dead?

Whilst Mike bemoans the difficulty getting attention amidst an increasing number of successful launches, it seems that he’s almost a victim of his own success.

By creating such a successful product (Butterfly Marketing) to explain how to get people’s attention and create a successful product launch – that’s exactly what people are doing – with the result that the market is swamped with product launches.

It seems that Mike’s main concern is that it’s getting harder than ever to make money from our fellow internet marketers. Yet there is better information that ever on how to successfully build a list, create products and sales pages in many other very profitable niches that the seasoned marketer shouldn’t worry.

It seems that the time has come that selling products to those new to the internet business or the seasoned experts is over. So what can we do?

Don’t rely on one source of income, but have several streams of income.

Market to a niche – you’ll notice that experts like Rosalind Gardner earn good money from their internet marketing colleagues, but also have sites in totally unrelated areas, such as online dating.

After the ups and downs with their AdSense income for many, the message is clear, diversify to survive.

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