Perhaps there are still some insurance agencies, brokers and wholesalers out there who consider social media to be a fad. Something akin to Hula Hoops, Water Beds, Zoot Suits and Rubik’s Cube. But looking at these numbers will likely convince even the most skeptical insurance executives that social media is here to stay, and a force to be reckoned with.

Visitors of the Top 6 Social Media Sites

Most of your prospects will frequent at least one of the top six social media sites. Below are the estimated monthly visitors for 6 of the top social media sites:

  • YouTube: 1 billion unique monthly visitors
  • Facebook: 900 million visits
  • Twitter: 310 million visits
  • LinkedIn: 255 million visits
  • Pinterest: 250 million visits
  • Google +: 120 million visits

When you consider that the current US population is about 320 million, these metrics gain some perspective. A good analogy would be that every person in the United States, visits Facebook 3 times per month. These numbers are staggering, and at a minimum insurance agencies and brokers should have a professional presence on the following five sites: YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It’s much better, however, if agencies, brokers and wholesalers leverage these platforms to help carry their targeted insurance marketing message to cyberspace in general and to their prospects specifically.

Where Should Insurance Agencies and Brokers Focus

Insurance professionals targeting commercial accounts should focus on LinkedIn and YouTube. LinkedIn is all about business, and most of your commercial insurance prospects and clients are now using LinkedIn. YouTube is an excellent repository to compliment your insurance agency website recordings, it’s easy to share video recordings, executive briefings or recorded webinars on YouTube. Agencies and brokers should have a professional and branded LinkedIn company page and YouTube channel. Facebook tends to be more consumer centric, though a professional company page on Facebook is worthwhile, especially if you offer personal lines. What about Google+? As it is still in the Top 6, a professional company page, and consistent postings is recommended, though Google+ has clearly lagged the field. And finally, how about Twitter? Twitter is a great tool to extend reach and branding. With little effort, and the many tools that post automatically to all or most of these sites, insurance social media marketing is within the grasp of even small agencies and brokers.

Insurance Social Media Marketing

I often say that great insurance marketing begins with a good blog. An interesting and relevant blog post can be easily shared across all of the above social media sites. The blog doesn’t have to be about insurance. For example, if you are a B2B (commercial lines) agency or an insurance broker specializing in group benefits, your blogs should include educational information germane to those respective audiences. This could include business related news, regulatory updates, industry news, business tips, etc. When thinking about insurance social media marketing, think about what you as a broker or insurance agent want to share, and what your prospects and clients would find of interest.

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