I have recently had a major debate with a close colleague about his approach to marketing and advertising for his client base. One of which I strongly disagree with. It involves pages and pages of explanations of his philosophies published in lavish proposal documents that impress even the savviest of marketers in the field. Enough already! The last time I checked…and I do often…every small business owner has the same goal in mind…increase sales for the least amount of money.

So while my friend continues to struggle with finding new clients by complicating the whole process and taking a four hour walk that could have been completed in twenty minutes I am not ashamed to admit that marketing and advertising is as easy as third grade math…it’s simple…REALLY! And although everyone may not take the same approach it’s easy for me to say that a simple no-nonsense, accomplish the goal attitude works best.

I say this with confidence as I have instituted this approach to all aspects of my business…and life for that matter…especially in regards to the clients I have the privilege of working with on a day to day basis. We focus on results and achieving those results in the shortest time possible. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Every small business owner I know shares…or demands…that same sentiment as I. When is the last time you were told that it’s OK for IT to happen in another month or so…especially when it could have happened today? I am of the belief that if it takes too long then something isn’t right. I know that statement can raise ample debate in itself but what isn’t right?

I believe that an expert in the field can easily identify what exactly that is. Quickly. I also believe that an average “Joe” off the street can identify what that is just as easily. Yes…third grade math! I can identify why someone wouldn’t want to eat regularly in a dirty restaurant, why a “dollar off” coupon doesn’t increase sales by 20% or why a new car isn’t moving when the price was just reduced to $34,995.00 from $38,995.00. Joe could tell you why as well. Do you get it? In the end we really are on the same page. Everyone. We may not all be motivated by the same things but when it comes to everyday behaviors and consumer patterns it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

So to all those rocket scientist marketers out there…Really?