LoyalBlocks is a mobile app that allows businesses to give out rewards and discounts to their loyal customers. In addition to email campaigns, LoyalBlocks offers three new push notification features: Geo Targeting, Visit Reminder and Birthday Special. Not only do these features allow businesses to build brand loyalty, but they also show their customers how important they are by sending special rewards.

New Campaigns

Geo Targeting Campaign
With this campaign, users will receive a push notification after going in a specified radius. For example, “We’re now offering . Come on over!” will appear on their phone once they reach a certain distance from your business. This is a great way to get local customers to come into your store.

Visit Reminder Campaign
Let customers know that you haven’t forgotten about them and give them an incentive to come back. This feature allows you to send a push notification at 11 AM either 7, 14, 30, or 90 days (your choice) after their last visit. For example, “We miss you! Come on over and enjoy 20% off your order” will appear on their phone.

Birthday Reminder Campaign
Make your customers feel special by sending them a reward on their birthday. With this feature, you may send a push notification at 11 AM on either the 1st day of their birthday month, their actual birthday, or both. For example, customers will receive a push notification that says, “Celebrate your birthday with us and enjoy a free slice of pizza!”

Other New Campaigns
You can now send the Welcome, Facebook Check-in, Facebook Referral Rewards via push notification to users that have not used the rewards. Reminding them that they have rewards will get them to come into your store. And don’t forget, you can also send custom messages and coupons to your customers.

Interested in using LoyalBlocks for your business? See more information here!