Promoting your business during important holidays is a well-known trick. Everybody knows that the Holiday season, especially that which goes from October to January 1st, is the best for business promotion, using special offers, faithful client rewards and other marketing tools. I bet you’re already planning those campaigns for the holidays and if you haven’t, it is probably time to you begun. It’s not too late to call your local marketing agency.  So, here are a few ideas you could try for your marketing campaigns for this spooky and fun month of October.

  1. The amazing disguise technique: We all know that Halloween is all about disguising and having fun. So, why not come up with a campaign that includes a costume contest in which the reward will be a tester of your products. If you can build up the campaign by doing other events related to that grand finale, you will create enough momentum to attract new clients and keep close those who are already faithful to your brand. Working with an advertising agency can also help raise awareness of the event and create more traffic all t0gether.
  2. The spur of the moment technique: One of the events you could do to build momentum is a last minute sale in your store. Use your twitter account and other social media available to alert your costumers that over a brief period of time during the day, you will be holding a “Scary sell out” due to an imminent Zombie invasion! After the sell out is over, remember to mention your costume contest to keep that momentum going.
  3. The kid’s appeal technique: Ah, children are the best when it comes to sales, not because they will be purchasing anything themselves but because they can ask their parents to bring them back to your store, but you have to give something in return. So, why not dress up the store in a fun way, give those trick-or-treaters a nice sweet or even a reusable trick-or- treat bag. Trust me, you will see the results afterwards and above all, remember to tell them about your contest, they can participate as well!

These are just a few ideas but if you’re not too convinced then work with your marketing agency, it is truly a great strategy to seize the holiday seasons. Happy Halloween!