The holiday season is a staple time to optimize your post outreach and really engage your customers in quality content. Facebook is a highly utilized platform among social media users, and with it comes a plethora of marketing opportunities that should be utilized. Although these tips are catered specifically to this time of year, keep them in mind throughout all times of the year when creating promotional content. Nevertheless, here are a few strategies to keep in mind that will help to optimize your customer outreach this holiday season:

Emphasize Strong Visual Elements In Your Posts

When creating and planning your holiday posts, bear in mind that Facebook is a visual platform. It’s smart to use engaging content like videos, animated GIFs, and visually appealing images to attract attention. But keep in mind you’re not the only one trying to grab potential customers’ attention during this holiday advertising time. Try personalizing your posts to specifically target your niche and make them relevant. Engage your audience by creating highly relatable, emotional, interesting content that will evoke sentiment or make them laugh.

Share Your Brand’s Story

The holiday season is a time of coming together and sharing love. In addition to promoting your business, this is an opportune time to get closer with your audience, while users’ news feeds are bombarded with post after post of holiday content. Invite customers into your business’ world. Take this opportunity to share a milestone with your audience, or even do a series of posts showcasing your employees. This not only demonstrates a level of business culture that is welcoming and appreciative, but also shows that you’re not just looking to make a sale—you’re a business with actual people that customers can relate to and gain inspiration from.

Craft Your Content For Maximum Shares

The goal of any post is to have a lot of engagement, especially shares, which leads to a domino effect of even more comments, likes, and shares. Be intentional with the content you create, and keep it engaging! You don’t want to repeat the same content day after day. Users are on their feed keeping up with family, friends, and relatives during this time. The last thing they want to see is a boring post about a product or service they don’t care about. Make it interesting and switch it up! Mix in occasional articles and witty posts that people genuinely want to read about—not just another service or product advertisement. Additionally, always be sure to include a link to your website somewhere on your Facebook page, as well as a phone number, hours of operation, and short snippet of what your company is about so individuals who are just discovering your business can learn more about you and what your business has to offer.

Host Virtual Events via Facebook Live

One of the most recent growing trends among businesses and Facebook users is the engagement of Facebook’s Live video broadcast feature—where you can now easily host virtual events. Simply create a Facebook event on your business page and invite all your friends and fans. Facebook has even recently started rolling out a new feature that allows users to pre-announce your live broadcast to garner an audience ahead of time. These broadcasts can be simple DIY crafts for the holidays, random giveaways, games, or even a sincere holiday greeting to draw in fans.

Creating Facebook Offers

Facebook even allows you to create online and in-store offers to share on your business page. This offer feature is a great way to easily share sales, bundle deals, discounts, and incentives with your audience—all year round! Mobile ads are also important for targeting shoppers while on the go. Facebook allows a Local Awareness feature that allows businesses to target audiences when potential customers are near by.

Engaging Mobile Audience

An overwhelming percentage of users on Facebook view their content via mobile devices. It’s imperative to ensure all posts are mobile friendly and engaging on all platforms. Additionally, apart from Facebook, holiday email blasts are a great email marketing strategy for reconnecting with loyal customers. Email marketing campaigns can be curated and distributed through online platforms such as Constant Contact, iContact, Campaigner, Campaign Monitor, etc. These email blasts are a great way to raise awareness about your business’ upcoming events, promotions, discounts, and so on. You can even incorporate personal coupons into these emails so that customers are more likely to participate. Again, just be sure the emails are mobile friendly.

If you’re looking to grow your business and get the upper hand against your close competitors, contact PRM Ad Group Inc. or your local advertising agency for advice on how to improve your business marketing strategies. With the ever-changing times, it’s important to stay on top of the most strategic and up-to-date marketing strategies and keep them in your arsenal all year round to continuously grow your business.