Digital marketing is booming. It seems like every day there’s at least one new way to connect with consumers. You need to put an online marketing strategy in place in order to make it all work together.


How online marketing can work for your Scranton small business


It’s a tremendous advantage to be able to reach your existing and potential consumers through different platforms. The Internet makes global connections happen in an instant, which opens many doors for communication. Often, the problem is not knowing how to treat each channel as separate but equal.  While each can enhance your message, you need a multichannel marketing plan  that allows them to work together.

Take social media, for starters. This channel is primarily used for audience interaction and engagement. When it comes to tweeting and posting, the focus steers away from product promotion and toward connection. People want to share your posts with friends if they find the post useful or personal. Questions and polls are encouraged, whereas strictly promotional content is utterly useless. Compare this to online marketing on your website or a commercial ad- these are things that are going to be strongly promotional.

Just how do you get these to work together? Well, content for starters. Making sure your content is relevant, useful and beneficial to your audience will help your online marketing success. The most important thing after that is to get each channel to work together. Blending social media with website, email, blogging, PPC, etc. is the key. Your great ideas and/or products have no chance of being effective if you can’t execute.

The world of online marketing can benefit your business, but only if you know how to use it. You can’t just throw yourself onto the Internet and expect success. Planning makes everything easier and practice makes perfect. Use a multichannel marketing plan that fits you and the people you hope to reach.