As a website design & development company we see online and email offers for SEO copy-writing services daily. Recently I’ve found that there are some companies from the Philippines who offer complete off-page articles, press releases and online blogs for as little as $2 each. Of course there are other companies that just charge a flat fee for a specified number of off-page content pieces for a certain monthly charge. These services  can range from several dollars to several hundred dollars.

However, just like every business transaction, your going to get what you pay for. And while you can expect to pay less for SEO copywriting content written by a website design & development company in places like India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines, you get precisely what you pay for.

Take this single run-on beauty from a blog I’ve recently visited, this you’ll come to realize is fairly typical of the kind of SEO copy-writing you get from Mumbai. 

“So all the calls for your car all the time and people coming over to check your car now and then will not be there. So in short you peacefully sell your car.”

The keyword phrase, “sell your car” is in there, but the sentence is horrible and basically unreadable. When you combine the fact that the entire blog has these types of sentences and it is posted to irrelevant links it caused the site to be penalized by Google. This is a perfect example of BAD SEO! Now it isn’t black hat or anything like that, it’s cheap, lazy, and done by someone who has little experience in organic SEO OR it’s done by someone who doesn’t know how to write in English…… I think I’ll go with the ladder on this example.

Needless to say, this person saved no money using the “Mumbai website design & development company” for SEO copy-writing. Although, to be fair, if I had to write in Hindu or any of the 150 languages used in India, my writing skills would be even more unintelligible. I will admit there is a lot you can get done in other countries and a majority of the time it will be done quite well. However, high quality SEO content most certainly is not one of them.

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