Ever wake up in the morning and while you are getting ready for the day stubbed your toe on the bedpost? Or maybe you spilled your coffee on yourself on the way out the door? Or every song on the radio is not to your liking AND you think…”my day is going to be BAD because it’s not starting off so good”. Relax! Your day is going to be fine. As long as you THINK it is.

Why is it that these little setbacks are more defined when they occur first thing as opposed to later in the day? Spilling your coffee at noon doesn’t seem to ruin your day as much as it happening at 6am. Well, it’s common to hear someone saying things like…”that’s how my day started off so I knew it was going to continue”. Come on! Really? Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Yes…it’s your excuse to walk around miserable all day long.

Obviously some days you are going to wake up feeling a little sluggish. Some days it’s a little harder to wake up. Some days you even wake up a little late. It’s no big deal. Let the power of positive thinking get you back on track. How? Just think about it for a second. That’s it. Use these little moments to remind yourself how GREAT the day is going to be. Take a mental inventory of what you need to get done then immediately think about how it’s going to feel when you have accomplished everything. DON’T allow yourself to get down…not for even one second. Remind yourself that it’s not worth getting worked up about. Think about all the positive things happening in your life. Tell yourself that you are going to have a wonderful day. Start this thinking process right now and be consistent. Not only will it keep your mood positive it will help you focus on the tasks that need to get done today!

You will always get through the day better with this positive thinking and those around you will notice and want to know why you are such a good mood…EVERYDAY! It’s very black and white…positive thinkers succeed…negative thinkers fail. Have a wonderful day!