Public Relations

Public Relations is a word with multi-faceted meanings in the world of marketing. From helping brands extend their reach through communicating media, elevating non-traditional marketing to buzz-worthy earned media with press kits, competitive research, outreach, and editorial placements to erasing bad press in the world of social media PRM Ad Group Inc. can supply you with all of your public relations needs.

Our public relations team is here ready and waiting to take your new product or company and springboard it to new heights with their experience in public relations.

Sponsorship and Event Planning

Looking for a way to impact your customer base? Why not let PRM Ad Group Inc. plan a special promotional event for you.

When a celebrity figure attends a special event and their fans are in attendance, the fans become new customers looking at your products. With this dynamite combination, a new customer and a new sale is born.

Call PRM Ad Group Inc. now to discuss how we can set up that special event to attract new customers to your business.

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