Marketers often get caught up in playing the numbers game at social: How many Likes? How many Retweets? Volume is good, but quality is better. Investment in social marketing can’t be faith-based: It must be rooted in an understanding of the economic value.

I’ve been advising marketers to strive to understand the intention of shares as well as the real value of social traffic. We’ve encouraged marketers to explore the social referrals under “Standard Reporting” in Google Analytics to see social actions. Examine what content gets engagement. How can we create more content like that?.

Ultimately, marketers who want to optimize their marketing efforts for conversions need to understand three things about their social outreach:

A. What? What is the economic value of a social visit?

B. Where? Where are people sharing and where is the key social traffic coming from? Which shared content is driving or assisting conversions?

C. Why? What content did people love – why did they share?? Create more…..

The web is becoming a more social space, but it might offer more top-of-funnel value, and analyzing it must adapt accordingly.