Your logo is how the public will recognize your business. It represents your values and everything that your business stands for. When creating your logo design, be mindful of the many factors that come into play.

Logo Design for a Small Business in Scranton

The message is essentially the most important factor of your logo design. Make sure you know what you want to get across to your customers before you decide on a design. Consider what your competition is doing and do something completely different. Copying other designs only puts your business in an unrecognizable position and will do more harm than good.

A unique logo is key when advertising for a small business in Scranton. No one wants to take the time to over analyze your business logo, so make sure it is clear and functional. Using too many colors and hard to read fonts will cost more money when you decide to print and will not come across easily to potential customers. Stick with a simple design that will be functional throughout any medium of advertising from building signs to a black and white fax.

Another big factor that goes into your logo design in Scranton is to be aware of any images you choose. Stay away from clip and stock art because they can be easily copied and can look particularly amateur. Ensuring the uniqueness of your design means avoiding trends. Something that is popular this year may not come across 10 or more years from now. A timeless design is the best route to choose; that way you can stick with your logo for years while only making minor adjustments.

A logo can make or break a business. Simplicity is key to showcasing your message, so create something that people won’t forget. Represent your Scranton small business by carefully choosing the design that suits your company and its values.