So here is the question I have for the Scranton and Wilkes Barre Business owners, is Social Media part of your web strategy? Actually, the important question is, is Social Media part of your Marketing Strategy? The answer to both of those question should be YES! As time goes on the answer is becoming more and more prominently YES, so if you are not using the resources that are available through Social Media websites your competition more then likely is.

Social media (mainly Facebook and Twitter for the purposes of this article) have become increasingly pervasive. Recently I read that one minute of every eight spent on the Internet, is spent on Facebook. If the purpose of a web site is to communicate, then identifying where other people are – is a good start.

Lets look at some creative ways to optimize Social Media sites to your advantage.


Charities web site Justgiving tells us that 15% of all people donating via the Justgiving site come via Facebook. Clearly, then, for a charity it should be a ‘no-brainer’ to set up a Facebook page and work on integrating it: both your web site and your Facebook presence should benefit from it. However, one shouldn’t underestimate the work involved in maintaining one’s presence. From my experience, with Tanzania Development Trust, I know that for a voluntary organization, resources can be an issue, particularly if it takes a while to build momentum. Can volunteers maintain the consistency and enthusiasm required to optimize a social media presence?
A ‘Must’ for Band, Gigs and Events

We have all heard stories of teenagers informing the world via Facebook of a planned party, with disastrous results! But it points to a truth: no sensible music event, festival or gig would dream of setting up without a Facebook presence. Bands and performers use social media to build a fan base and keep it informed of their plans and movements. It is fair to say that in these cases, social media leads the way, with the web site complementing its more ‘buzzy’, up-to-the-minute feel.

Not Just Teenagers Any More…

Still for those who haven’t invested time in creating a Twitter profile and presence, the overriding view is likely to be that it’s a waste of time. Why should we be worried about what someone had for breakfast? Who cares about what people are tweeting during the ‘X Factor’? Isn’t social media dominated by yóung people who use it to exchange the minutiae of their lives?

It is in my opinion that all Scranton & Wilkes Barre Business owners should pick up their Social Media game! The evidence is there Social Media Marketing does work!