Once the massive rush and buzz of the holidays have passed, we all feel that sense of tiredness that often comes in January, when the rest of winter seems to stretch out endlessly, like spring will never arrive.

This lull may well be felt by your marketing department as well. After the massive effort every business puts into marketing for the holiday period, it can sometimes feel impossible for your company to build the same level of traction and attention in the post-festive period.

Here at PRM Ad Group Inc., we understand what a challenge getting through this lull can be, which is why we’ve compiled winter marketing lull survival tips to see you through till spring.

Time it right

In order to survive the winter lull, you need to make sure you are timing your marketing properly.

Think about what people are doing as the New Year starts, many of them will be planning for the year ahead, feeling hopeful about their resolutions, and probably looking to reign in their spending after the holidays.

Make sure you play into these considerations with any marketing you put out, don’t waste time pitching your most expensive wares when you know people aren’t looking to make big purchases. Instead, focus on offering savings tp line up with people pairing back for the New Year.

Play up the winter lull

Remember, it is highly likely that most of your customers are feeling as sick of the cold winter weather as you are, so don’t be afraid to play into this with your marketing.

If you are trying to market your product whilst it is out of season, try playing this up rather than trying to work around it. If, for example, you sell ice cream or another stereotypically summer product, play with the fact that everyone wishes it was summer already, and your product is a great way to pretend it is.

Prepare while the sun shines

Particularly if your business is seasonal, try to offset the winter marketing lull by putting the work in before the cold weather arrives.

Use busy periods as opportunities to build your database of loyal customers as this gives you a focused list of people who already have a connection with your business who you can focus your marketing efforts on during the cold period.

A lull may in fact be the perfect time to offer a new variant of a loyalty scheme, to appeal to all the customers you know already love your brand.

Maintain a strong marketing presence

Even if your business is going through its off season, you need to make sure you are still putting out quality content to make sure that your brand awareness doesn’t disappear in the cold.

Also, you need to make sure you keep up your social media game throughout any quiet periods you might have, as this ensures you maintain connections with your audience and loyal customers, so they won’t forget you during the lull.

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