Whether you’re re-launching your website, creating a new website from scratch or simply tweaking the existing, there are various tips and tricks which can help you to make the most of the process. We know how to build a new website fast without any drop in the finished product because we’ve got years of experience under our belt. What’s more, we’re kind enough to share that experience with you. If you’re concerned that your website could be performing better than it is (and if you don’t think it could perform at least a little bit better than you’re probably not testing it properly), then taking the steps set out below could well improve things quickly and easily.

Emphasize the Visual

If you’re not a graphic designer by trade then it can be difficult to think of things in terms of visuals rather than words. The natural instinct is to try and tell visitors all about your business rather than simply showing them. Of course, some content will be required, but even the best content has to be accompanied by the kind of striking and powerful imagery which will tempt visitors to stay and look around in the first place.

Make it Responsive

The days of people accessing websites via a desktop pc or even laptop are rapidly fading into memory. Making sure that a website could work on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets used to be an optional extra, now it’s an absolute necessity. For some businesses, it’s even become imperative to create a custom app that customers can easily access and navigate. If your site isn’t designed to look good no matter what screen it’s being displayed on then, quite simply, it isn’t going to get noticed.


Increasingly, visitors are expecting more than just words and still pictures from the sites they visit. Video content is becoming more important than ever, whether as entertainment, information or advertisement. Utilizing video content is important then, but so is having it designed so that it doesn’t slow down the loading time of your site. Modern web users are an impatient breed, and the best video in the world will have no impact if its slowness encourages them to swipe to the next site.


Make it simple for visitors to get around your site. In the quest for visually impressive design and technologically advanced tricks and gimmicks this can often be overlooked. As with everything else, time is of the essence, and if a visitor has to spend more than a few seconds working out how to get to the part of the site they want to access then, in all probability, they simply aren’t going to bother.


Maybe you started a blog, maybe you updated it regularly. There’s every chance, however, that you either never got round to starting it, or found that the day to day slog of running your main concern ate into the time needed to keep it updated. An effective blog, however, can be a key component in drawing repeat visitors to your site. Interesting, useful or amusing content is the kind of thing which people seek out and share all over the web, and working on your blog can allow you to tap into this instinct. Get it right and your website will become a destination in its own right, leading to repeat visits and, most important of all, repeat business.

If you or your business needs improvement in any of these areas, contact us at PRM Ad Group Inc., or contact your local marketing agency for help.