Facebook has become a necessary evil of life. The majority of people we know owns a Facebook page and the amount of marketing content driven through the site is astronomical. We live in a world where we get most of our news on Facebook, we stay updated on our family members through Facebook, and we plan what events we’ll attend through Facebook.

All of this makes the social media giant indispensable when it comes to promoting your business. Marketing on Facebook can be amazing but it can also be worthless. People are bombarded with news and content all day long. The trick is how to stand out with your own content. Here is a look at some of the ideas to pursue and avoid when it comes to Facebook Marketing.

Test Everything First

Before you jump right in to your Facebook marketing you should obviously know who your target audience is but just knowing isn’t enough. You also need to know what the best time of the day to post is, what type of content should you post, what does your audience respond to the most, etc.

Accomplishing this can be done by running tests. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars testing things out. In fact, this could save you a ton of money in the long run because having this information will make you post more efficiently. Run an ad for around five dollars but post at different times of the day. Then maybe run two ads one day but six the next and vary the content. Pay attention to how much engagement your posts are getting. You may find out that six in the evening is the best type of post and your audience likes when you share links. You can use this information to arm yourself with the best tools for your business.

Know Your Keywords

The keywords can be one of the most important tools you can acquire for your business. Keywords are words that help your audience find your content. If your business is a bakery, for example, your keywords might be “bakery”, “cupcake”, and “cookie.” Finding out what your keywords are is important because they will be the words your audience searches for. When they are searching those words they automatically become targeted by your business’ posts and pages.

Finding out the keywords can be accomplished using the tools Google offers or it can be done by running similar tests as the ones brought up previously. Run a few ads using different words and see which ones promote engagement in the post the best.


Avoid Over-Posting 

One common mistake Facebook Marketers make is posting too much. Posting too much content can make you lose your legitimacy as a business. If the average Facebook user is constantly seeing your content flood their news feed then they will get annoyed with it. When they get annoyed with it they avoid it.

Seeing too many ads for your business makes it have the telemarketer effect. The user starts to think you’re just trying to sell them a bad product because you are promoting it so much. Finding the right medium between how little and how much to post can provide a boost to your ads.

Don’t Use Too Many Words

Written text is going out the window as time goes on. People aren’t taking the time to read posts and articles anymore. There is simply too much content and not enough time. When making a post be careful not to type up a novel. The post appearing too long will not get anyone to read through the second sentence.

Keep your message short and include vibrant graphics to promote engagement. The best way to get your message across could even be making a video to appeal more emotionally.

Following these simple tips could help maximize your Facebook efforts. It is an art to find the right buttons to push but with a little work you can get there.