A man walks into a bar; or restaurant; or car dealership… Or really anywhere, and there’s a good chance he found it online. According to Google, 80% of customers do online research before trying a new business.
How can you make sure customers are finding your business online?
By staying up to date on trends and following these important tips, of course!

Search Advertising Tips
• Make sure you are following all the rules of Google, Bing, Yahoo!, or whatever platform you are using, as all have slightly different rules and guidelines.
• Optimize your URL for your page to make sure it ranks as high as possible in searches.
• Include targeted keywords in your headlines and copy that match searched terms.

Website Tip
• If you made a website when you discovered the internet in 2005 and never updated it, DO IT NOW! A clean, easy to read, updated website is one of the biggest things to being seen as a legitimate business in today’s times. It also ensures you’re up to date with best practices.  Cal us for a web design quote today!
• Make your website mobile-friendly! If your site is not mobile optimized, it will not rank in Google!  PRM is a google certified agency and can get your business on the map!
• Start a business blog! Doing so will help your business rank higher in Google and make you the go to for information in your industry.

Search Engine Optimization
• Use your business blog to its full potential. Use keywords to help your SEO and put shareable content to get even more clicks.  PRM offers SEO marketing for your business!
• Put share buttons that lead to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media platforms to get more likes.
• Set up your company’s Google+ page to help your business name, phone number, location, and even opening hours show up in Google Maps and Google’s local search results.

Social Media
• Think it over once, twice, thrice, even four times before you post something! The ability to easily take screenshots makes it easier than ever for a business to get caught saying the wrong thing.
• Implement a company-wide social media policy to prevent your employees from sharing sensitive information about your business; or let us handle your social media marketing needs.
• Don’t jump on a trending hashtag until you know where it originated, this can prevent some potentially embarrassing situations.
• Make sure to check all notifications daily as customers can share both good and bad information about your business.

Be sure to use these helpful tips when planning your digital marketing strategy. These tips are proven to grow your business, acquire new clients and increase your digital profile. Following these guidelines will help your dreams for your business become a reality.