Trinity Financial Mission is a debt settlement agency whose main purpose is to relieve financial worries and help bring people closer to God.  They began as a small outreach program to provide educational services on financial matters and on Biblical teaching regarding finances. As the program gained more attention, they began including non-profit debt management programs and resolution programs to their services.



Trinity needed to find a way to gain exposure. Their program was growing to a national level, however getting the word out about their services wasn’t easy. Very few people speak about debt, so word of mouth wouldn’t work like it would for many other establishments. Trinity is also a non-profit organization with a small budget. The company’s budget didn’t include money for radio commercials or billboards, yet they needed a way to gain popularity.



PRM Ad Group Inc. Inc. established a Pay-Per-Click method of advertising for Trinity Financial’s website. A Pay-Per-Click form of advertising works well for all different types of budgets.  Website developers buy the top keyword spots on search engines for a per click price. When people plugged specific words into search engines, they would get Trinity Financial as the top link. This gives easy advertising to the website. If someone then clicks on the link, Trinity Financial will be charged a fee. There is no monthly fee or hidden charges, the establishment just pays based on how many people click on the website.



Trinity Financial was featured on the top of popular search engine Google.  Their website saw an increase of traffic, however they didn’t have to pay a large amount because they had a low per click price. Even though they had a small budget they were able to see optimal marketing results.  PRM Ad Group Inc. Inc. was able to help create a marketing plan for Trinity that decreased their marketing budget by 50%, and increased their leads by 100%.