Whether you are checking yes on the ballet for Donald Trump or are praying that he does not step foot into the Oval Office, you have to admit that his candidacy and marketing campaign has been powerful. Mr. Trump has commanded a great deal of mass media attention and has taken over primary campaigns. I’m sure there were many individuals out there that did not even believe he would have made it this far, but he clearly is doing something right. Regardless of whatever happens within the election battle, he’s already a winner in the fight for public attention.


What You Can Learn About Marketing by Following Donald Trump


  1. Daring and fearless are two words you live by
    • Trump has said many outrageous things during the campaign, but it overall seemed to improve his performance in the polls (even if it is not in a polite way). So, don’t be afraid to stand for something as a brand. Too many brands try to appeal to everyone and attempt to be mainstream, but it is better to be unforgettable.
  2. Understand your brand
    • Donald appreciates exactly who he is. Understand your brand, but recognize who you are even more. The brand you are marketing must stand for something. Can you describe your brand in seconds? All in all, it is very critical to be consistent when presenting your message.
  3. Have A Lot of Faith in Yourself
    • Trump is known for his “unrehearsed” and “unpolished” way of speaking to the crowds of people. He has confidence about what he has to share and does not hold back. Trusting your gut instinct about a product that you are confident about producing is important, but it is still good to research if the product is already available. If you feel self-assured about your product selling, have faith that other consumers will too. But, keep in mind; if you try to make your product interesting to everyone, you will end up appealing to no one.
  4. Know your Spectators
    • Trump is all about appealing to a very select crowd of voters who believe in his message. In the same way, you need to understand your target market and speak to their interests. Don’t worry about appealing to everyone, because there will always be individuals who won’t believe in following your lead.


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