The effectiveness of video marketing is something that cannot be overstated, as far as we are concerned. In fact, companies who use video gain almost 50% more web traffic from search than those who don’t.

But as video marketing becomes ever more popular, especially on social media channels, it is becoming harder and harder to create videos that capture audience’s attention. You could create VR and 360 degree content, but this is often prohibitively expensive.

A great way to create engaging video content while still keeping within a budget is to look to animated video. Animation is great for engaging audiences and crafting content that feels unique.

Look below to get an idea for how you can take your social media marketing up a notch using animation:

Create an emotional connection

One of the reasons animated videos are such a popular marketing tool is that they create a nostalgic connection with their viewers. Many of us grew up watching cartoons and still feel a rush of nostalgia when we see animations as adults. Fully embrace this by crafting content that is light in tone and possibly more comedic in nature. This will help build an emotional connection between your animation and your viewer and it will help drive up engagement.

Keep them short

This is good advice for animated videos, but also rings true for all video content you post on social media in general. You should aim to keep your animations as short as you possibly can, as the shorter a video is, the more likely you will be able to hold your viewer’s attention all the way through to the end.
To start, try to get your animated video down to roughly 30 seconds in length, with the main point of your video being conveyed within the first 10 seconds.

Customize your content

People are much more likely to respond positively and connect to a piece of media when they feel it directly speaks to or represents them individually.

Animated marketing is highly customisable, meaning you are able to reshape and tailor your video to appeal directly to different target audiences. Plus, you can do all this without having to go through costly reshoots.

This is especially useful for social media, where users are exposed to a huge amount of content that they consume and move on from very rapidly so creating a strong connection quickly is vital.

Keep it cheap(er)

All marketing departments have to work within a budget and, more often than not, these budgets are smaller than we’d like them to be. This is another reason that animated video marketing is such an effective strategy for social media channels. Animated videos remove a great many of the expenses involved in live action videos, meaning you won’t have to worry about securing locations, or managing complicated schedules.

Certain animated videos, like whiteboard explainer videos, can be incredibly cheap to produce while still being extremely effective at grabbing and maintaining viewer attention, so these are great to focus on if you want to create video content on a budget.