Defining Animated Videos

Almost everyone is constantly connected to the internet, social media or simply on their mobile devices and it's important to utilize these tools to promote your business. An excellent way to gain an audience for your company is to create explainer videos.

Animated videos are, simply, videos designed to explain what your business does, stands for and accomplishes. Although these videos can be sent via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, an ideal placement is typically on the front page of your business website.

There are several types of explanation videos that you can use to connect with your company's audience. A Live Action explainer is essentially a short film involving real people that promotes your brand. These types of videos are perfect for businesses that have a physical product to sell and can easily be demonstrated. The most popular type of explainer video is an Animated video. While these videos can require more time, planning and skill, they are particularly effective at promoting a service that is not easily described using live actors ..

Other common types of explainer videos are the " Whiteboard " and "Kickstarter" videos. While the Whiteboard video requires animations that play out on a whiteboard background, Kickstarter videos are designed to promote a product or idea in its infancy to gain traction and investors.

To create an engaging and thoughtful explainer video for your company requires a great deal of planning and creativity. The first step is to write a solid and engaging script. Make sure your script includes the following:

* Description of what your product is and how it provides the solution to a specific problem.

* An interactive call to action, such as "Click here for more information" or "Email us to open your new account."

* Brief overview of awards, results or reviews.

Also, remember to keep your script under 90 seconds, use conversational language and address your audience directly by using a 2nd person active voice.

After you have your script, it's time to work on production .. It is important to use video production professionals to complete your project; they do this sort of thing frequently and can help make your vision a reality. There are several ways to find these professionals online, be it through Freelancer or ODesk etc. You can also find digital engineers that can fine tune your audio quality to ensure maximum production value.

When your video animation is reviewed and complete, it's important to track the impact and success of your efforts. Google Analytics is an incredible tool that can help track your video's effectiveness. The many benefits of explainer videos include: reaching a wider audience, keeping viewers engaged and improving your search engine optimization. No matter what path you take, an explainer video done well can be the key to improving your company's bottom line.

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