First of all, since Google represents the largest share of internet search queries (70%…or more) its important to contact a professional to make sure your website is using Google’s Best Practices. What exactly does that mean? Because its ultimately your responsibility to create your own website…Google has created a list of things that can help your website improve it’s ranking. Because some of this can be very technical we always recommend hiring a Google Partner to help with this process.


Many website platforms like Squarespace and WIX offer easy to use templates to get your site up and running but don’t have specific tools to help optimize your site. We commonly see clients complain about their rank when using the platforms and when we perform an audit we find that most of these sites are missing elements that are essential for page 1 rankings (because that’s the ultimate goal isn’t it).
Here’s a list of things that will help with your local search engine optimization:

1. Fresh unique content that let’s the user easily understand what exactly you are doing. This content should be original…copy and pasting text from another site is big no-no. If a user can understand then Google can too.

2. Engaging photographs that are titled properly. If you are a landscape contractor and you put up a photo of a new landscape design you just completed then be sure this photo is titled properly…example = “hardscape design dallas texas”.

3. Are your directory listings across the web consistent. This can be very time consuming but ultimately linking your website to a high ranking site like Yelp will help in your overall ranking.

4. Are you blogging? Not only should you be blogging every couple of weeks (AT LEAST) but those blogs should be published in forums where other interested individuals can read this original content. Hey they might even go to your site to find out more information. These topics should be related to other topics on your website. What I mean by that is a landscaper shouldn’t have a blog about food on the site. Adding fresh relevant web content is the goal.

5. Is your site mobile friendly so that it can be viewed across multiple devices? If not then fix it…literally fix it today! If it’s not then people won’t be able to find you on a mobile device search which represents approximately 50% of all searches today. Obviously I could add and offer many more but this is a good start. Good luck! You know where to find us if you need help!