Google recently announced their new ‘Google Search Algorithm’ update that includes MAJOR penalties for not having a mobile friendly website.  What does that mean?  It means if your website does not appear properly on smart phones or tablets then it will be removed from the internet…FOREVER.  Well not exactly, but it does mean that you will be removed from Google’s Mobile search results.  Some Comscore numbers I have seen recently show that people search from these devices MORE than their desktops.  So it’s a cause for concern if you go into next week with your site being updated.


Update to a Mobile Friendly Website

How do you do it?  Contact your local Google Partner…of course we recommend PRM Ad Group Inc., Inc., and give them access to the backend of your site and after two to four hours of intense coding (it’s really not so intense) you will be all set.  In most cases this only will set you back $500.00.  A lot less than having your business disappear from mobile search results!

A cool part for those of you that have a mobile friendly website is since there are so many NON-mobile friendly sites out there, you will see dramatic improvement in your mobile search ranking.  Especially in industries where websites are “just catching on”…don’t laugh that is true (FYI just catching on may also mean that most can’t afford it).

Somehow over the course of ten+ years we actually found some NON-mobile friendly sites on our servers.  You know before we made it a requirement to actually perform SEO on a regular basis if we built their site…anyways I personally called these people to give them the news and let them know what was it.  Believe it or not two of the ten decided that they didn’t want to spend the dough on the update.  WOW!  I was shocked!  But just goes to show you that there are still business owners out there who don’t use e-mail and don’t think the internet and digital media is as important as it is.


Good luck with the new update!

To find out if your site is mobile-friendly use this awesome Google tool: