Video marketing is the ideal medium for increasing website traffic and for reaching prospective customers. If you do it right, it also has the power to help improve your search engine rankings. Unfortunately, far too many online business owners tend to discount the effectiveness of this type of advertising, and so they avoid it.

Instead, most internet marketers tend to focus on content marketing. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this approach, Google’s recent updates do make it more difficult to reach the level of success you’re aiming at with content alone. Cisco Systems estimated at the end of 2013, around 90% of web traffic was driven by video marketing. That’s a powerful statistic you really don’t want to ignore. So, let’s look at the real power behind video marketing and what you can do to take advantage of it.

Why Video Marketing?

People browsing for information online are often too busy to read a long article or a page filled with content. They might skim through the important information, but unless that content is really engaging those people are likely to just skip to the end. By comparison, video marketing is far more dynamic. It’s visually stimulating. It helps to capture attention and impart information at the same time.

Video marketing also gives you the opportunity to build your personal and business brand. You get to build trust within your customers and increase their familiarity with you at the same time. What’s more, if you’re really not comfortable writing content for your site, video gives you an easy option to still communicate. You simply get in front of a web cam and record yourself giving out the information you want to give. It really is that easy – and yet it’s so incredibly powerful at the same time.

The Secrets of Creating Good Videos

The videos you create for your video marketing efforts don’t need to be massively high-quality, professional-level videos. However, you still want to focus on providing good quality wherever possible. This helps to present a more professional image of you and your business, but won’t break your budget if you’re just starting out.

Most people realize that marketing videos are created using a web cam, smart phone, or camcorder, so it’s okay to be a little informal about your presentation. Otherwise, everything else you do can be easily created or edited using your computer and some simple hardware and software programs. Here are some things you can use to help you create good videos.

Video Equipment

In order to make your videos you will need the right equipment to get it all working. Of course, you can use any camcorder or web cam to record yourself talking or giving out information. Many people are using smart phones to record videos for their video marketing. Smart phones are easy to use and convenient for uploading videos to video sharing websites.

Good Lighting

Even if you’re using a basic web cam to record your videos, you can improve the quality simply by ensuring you have plenty of good lighting. Be sure you have lots of light directed at your face. Lamps positioned behind your web cam will do this fine for you. This will eliminate shadows and help to make your presentation look more professional overall.

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