Wyoming Valley Motors is one of the largest new and pre-owned car dealerships in NEPA. They have three locations in Kingston and Larksville that carry top brands including Audi, BMW, Kia, Mazda, Porsche, Subaru and Volkswagen.



During 2011, the dealership wanted to find ways to gain more exposure and increase sales. The economy was beginning to see a slight incline, and Wyoming Valley Motors wanted to find ways to capitalize on it. However, creating promotions for car dealerships can often be challenging since many dealerships carry the same exact models. It is also is difficult for dealerships to reduce prices by an extreme amount since they are franchised through car manufactures   



PRM Ad Group Inc. Inc.  had three main goals.  We wanted to bring people into the three Wyoming Valley Motors locations; we wanted to give Wyoming Valley Motors public exposure so more potential buyers would come to Wyoming Valley Motors in the future and we wanted to increase sales during 2011.

To achieve these goals, PRM Ad Group Inc. worked with Wyoming Valley Motors to create the “Great 11-in-11 Giveaway.” Throughout 2011, Wyoming Valley Motors gave away eleven cars including a Mazda 3, a Kia Soul, a Volkswagen Jetta, a Kia Rio and an Audi A4 to winners of several promotions.

They gave away cars through random drawings, others by lottery systems and others during events at the dealerships.  Residents of NEPA were invited to visit one of the Wyoming Valley Motors dealerships, and enter numerous contests to win one of the eleven vehicles. 

PRM Ad Group Inc. Inc. designed posters and banners, wrote and produced radio and television commercials and found sponsors to promote the event. We worked with local media stations and malls to make creative give away programs to get residents more interested in wining.



2011 turned out to be a big year for Wyoming Valley Motors. Their promotion was hugely successful. Month after month people were driving away in new cars. The media placement for the contest also brought in many new customers to the dealerships. It became the biggest year Wyoming Valley Motors has on record, with dramatic increases in sales.  It also became a great year for the future of their marketing. PRM Ad Group Inc. Inc. created numerous videos and radio commercials for the dealership based off the success of the promotion. We also gathered 50,000 email addresses from participants. We were able to use these videos and addresses as ways to promote Wyoming Valley Motors and find future customers for months afterwards.

Radio Spot

 Wyoming Valley Motors 11 in11 June 2011